Welcome to the Tees Riders

The club was originally called Teesside Iron Horse M.C.C and was formed in 1980 out of the remnants of the Monkey Hangers, Cleveland Comets and other local bikers who all shared a common interest in rallies, bike runs and local charity fund raising.

The club ran until 1988 when interest deteriorated and it went underground, with a handful of die hards who kept the name going. Interest in the club flared again in 1997 and it became officially reformed in May 1998, under the original name.

In January 2000 it was decided to change the club's name, and we became the Tees Riders M.C.C. and are a family-orientated bike club.

The Tees Riders M.C.C. hold no political views and have no grievances with any other clubs or organisations.

For more information, visit our About The Club page.

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